Éadaoin Glynn

Self-taught, Irish artist, Éadaoin Glynn paints gestural, abstract expressionist paintings, which explore the connection between memory and place. Murze art magazine selected her work for their cover in 2019, calling it “beautiful, emotive and bold, creating layers of colour and detail that visualise memories and trigger an emotional response with the viewer.” Éadaoin is interested in our emotional response and connection with memory and place. She is influenced by Irish mythology and takes inspiration from her daily walks and the memories they trigger. “My daily walks may be suburban, yet every day, I'll discover new treasures: peeling paint on a wall, marks on pavement, submerged flowers and leaves in potholes, fallen branches, newly opened petals or a leaf shiny with rain. The pace of walking triggers memories and emotions: memories of childhood walks, places I visited, places where my parents and grandparents lived and old Irish mythology. Although my walks may be geographically restricted, my mind travels far into an internal landscape of memory.” Éadaoin paint in series, abstracting and developing an idea over several paintings, building up a history of layers over months, excavating, scraping through and dissolving, echoing how land and memories are laid down over time. A coin toss at 17 led Éadaoin to study literature instead of art and she describes her approach to painting like an author researching a novel or a play, “when I’m painting, I become the architect of a new landscape, the writer of a new mythology, populated with characters from my memory and imagination.” Writing her titles are an important part of her painting process. Éadaoin has exhibited in Ireland, UK and online and her work is in private collections worldwide. She is a member of the Backwater Artists Network, Ireland and works from her home studio in Cork, Ireland.

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