What are WATWA’s goals

We exists to help create visibility and opportunity for women (including queer, trans, femme and non-binary) artists. We will continue to advocate the inequality and challenges that women artists face in the art world through partnerships and public projects. 

We serve women artists through: 

  • Creating visibility and opportunities through our directory and database
  • Advocating gender parity in the art world through research, public art projects and partnerships 
  • Support and growth opportunities: through funding for artist residencies, an artist fund, scholarships and training. 

WATWA and ArtGirlRising

WATWA  is the brain child of Liezel Strauss (founder of ArtGirlRising) and developer, Sam Roberts. Whilst AGR was created to advocate and celebrate women in the arts, WATWA aims to give visibility to the vast number of women in the arts across the globe. 

Our hope is that in the future we will be able to sell some of the incredible artists work through AGR or another platform, in the meantime we love seeing our ArtGirlRising swag on our supporters, sparking conversation and donating money to women run initiatives and charities.

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How much is the directory fee? 

An annual subscription is $15.

We passionately believe that everyone should be paid for their work. Everyone who works with WATWA will be paid fairly. Where Are The Women Artists is a UK registered Community Interest Company (CIC 13144576 ). 

Why Fees?

The fees will be applied to the following initiatives and costs: 

  • Credit card, Paypal, currency conversion fees: up to 8% from every registration 
  • Donation of 5% from all income to women led arts charity
  • Directory research and development 
  • Directory and database maintenance
  • Database security and hosting 
  • Marketing and PR 
  • WATWA Artist fund 
  • Project management and administration
  • Public art projects to advocate for gender parity in the art world
  • Partnerships to benefit women artists 

Why do we include optional race and gender identifiers?

We hope that art world professionals will use the WATWA directory and database as a search engine for less visible artists. We included the identifiers to make it possible for curators, editors, podcasters etc. to search for artists who are part of underrepresented groups. 

Membership duration and cancelation 

Membership is valid for one year and starts from the day of payment. Subscription will automatically renew in one year and all members will be notified via email prior to being charged.

If you would like to cancel your auto-renewal before the renewal notification, please email us: [email protected] (Please allow up to two weeks for us to get back to you) 

How did WATWA come about?

During lockdown Liezel Strauss, founder of ArtGirlRising stumbled upon a tech project that she remembered from 2005, the idea sparked for a database for women artists. Liezel approached friend Sam Roberts, a web developer about the idea, the two women shared a love for retro tech projects and endless cups of tea and so the ‘One Dollar Art Club’ was born. The name changed and the concept evolved but it was the start of Where Are The Women Artists?

Sam is the technical mastermind behind this database and directory and she always reminds us: It is a work in progress! Nina Sareena, ArtGirlRising business manager and curator joined Liezel and Sam shortly after the WATWA pre-launch. Sam, Nina Sareena and Liezel are the small team behind WATWA and they passionately believe that through this project more women will be visible in the artworld.

Privacy and Legal 

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