We welcome artists from ALL countries, backgrounds, races, skills, education.

Please note: 
We included the identifiers to make it possible for curators, editors, podcasters etc. to search for artists who are part of underrepresented groups. 

Please make sure the information you submit is correct and how you would like it to appear on your bio as the information you submit will automatically upload to your page.

Please keep the following things in mind when registering:

  • Submit your application with at least one high res photo of your artwork.
  • Check all the boxes that indicate how you wish to be identified in the directory, you can leave boxes blank if that is your preference.
  • Select your chosen payment (Paypal or Credit card)
  • Once we receive your application and payment you will automatically be added to the directory
  • PLEASE NOTE: If your work is explicit, please click here.
  • Annual membership is $25 Why fees? **As of August 14th, 2023 our annual membership fee has increased to $25, all existing members who have joined the directory prior to August 14th will remain at $15 annual membership**